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Why Choose Carpet Tiles?


Often known by some as ‘carpet squares’, carpet tiles were first introduced in the mid-twentieth century to allow home and business owners the opportunity to easily install flooring themselves. 

This incredibly accessible method has since become one of the most popular flooring types, especially within commercial properties and businesses such as offices, restaurants and universities.

Today, we’re showing you the benefits of choosing carpet tiles over other flooring types.


Laminate Flooring Vs Carpet Tiles

  • Laminate 

Laminate flooring is well known for being difficult to install perfectly yourself, meaning that additional money would need to be spent on hiring a laminate flooring fitter as well as the cost of the flooring itself. Similarly, if worn, scratched or marked it must be fully replaced rather than fixed, as it’s very hard to fix efficiently, especially by yourself.

As well as this, laminate flooring can be incredibly slippery, especially if individuals need to walk quickly over it as it’s recently been cleaned. This instantly makes laminate flooring inadequate for a multitude of public buildings and properties, and it’s advised that flooring that’s not known to be hazardous is used.

If you’re looking for flooring that looks expensive, only the laminate flooring with the highest price will do. The majority of laminate flooring doesn’t exude a sense of prestige and is likely to feature fake-looking wooden markings and patterns.

  • Carpet Tiles 

In comparison to laminate flooring, carpet tiles are designed to be easily installed yourself. As each tile is installed individually, they are easy to place and fit without the need to fork out for a professional carpet tile fitting expert. This also means that individual tiles can be easily, and cheaply replaced if marked. However, they are known for being incredibly durable, meaning this shouldn’t be a problem for a long time.

Because of the carpet material, carpet tiles are the best tiles if you’re worried about slips and trips as they don’t provide a slippery surface. They also have a professional finish, and even the cheapest carpet tiles look expensive.


Fitted Carpet Vs Carpet Tiles

  • Fitted Carpet 

Although it does look lovely when new, fitted carpets require high levels of maintenance to keep them looking as good as they should be, especially if they’re installed in a busy environment. Deep pile carpets are especially needy, as there’s more area for dirt to collect. 

Because of their thick cotton properties, they are also highly susceptible to allergens such as those of pets, dust and even mould. Keeping on top of cleaning the carpets is a good way to prevent allergen build-up, but would require a strict and consistent cleaning plan.

Fitted carpets have a short lifespan in commercial, public and busy buildings, and will be quickly flattened and damaged in areas of heavy footfall. This results in carpets needing to be replaced often, as well as professionally looked after which could be expensive.

  • Carpet Tiles

When you’re looking for office carpeting, opting for carpet tiles instead of fitted carpet is always a good idea as it’s easy to keep clean. The bare minimum of maintenance is required thanks to it being low pile, looped and tight. Cleaning can usually be done by simply brushing or vacuuming as often as it needs.

Similarly, because of its short pile properties, there’s less chance that allergens can get trapped. This makes carpet tile better for the likes of hospitals, schools and other sensitive environments.

Carpet tiles are often the most durable commercial flooring option, as their low pile helps it exceed regular flooring longevity.


Hardwood Flooring Vs Carpet Tiles

  • Hardwood 

One of the most expensive types of flooring available, hardwood flooring needs to be fitted professionally, with most owners spending around £58k for 1000 square feet to be fitted.

However, despite costing a lot of money for installation, it is easy to scratch and wears down which makes it look tired. To keep it looking its best, hardwood flooring generally requires a professional polish every 3-4 years, as well as a lot of maintenance in between.

Hardwood flooring also has loud acoustic properties, as sound echoes from it while footfall and movement are made louder than usual. While this might be good for a dance studio, for the likes of offices and classrooms, it’s less than ideal.

  • Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles differ greatly from hardwood flooring, all while still having the same great professional finish. However, carpet tiles from Carpet Tile Warehouse prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a professional-looking floor. For 1000 square feet of Gradus carpet tiles, a total of £1230 is needed for self-installation, saving you £56.7k compared to hardwood flooring.

Carpet tiles are also more suitable for a wider range of properties and purposes, as they don’t echo or create any sound. Whether someone is walking on it in heels or children walking on it in trainers, carpet tiles are much quieter than hardwood flooring is in commercial and public spaces.


Vinyl Flooring Vs Carpet Tiles

  • Vinyl 

Vinyl flooring might appear as an easy flooring option, but it can create more problems than you think. For example, it cannot be repaired without being fully replaced. 

On top of this, vinyl flooring has proved difficult to remove, especially if strong glue is used to put it together in the first place. 

Despite being tricky to replace and repair, vinyl flooring has an incredibly short lifespan and isn’t suitable for busy areas without frequent replacement.

  • Carpet Tiles

As well as being easy to replace, carpet tiles can be lifted in sections which allows you to remove and change individual tiles. Whether you want to incorporate some new colours or you need to replace a tile for other reasons, carpet tiles are easy to pull up and won’t damage any flooring underneath.

If you don’t choose to replace any tiles, you don’t need to worry as carpet tiles are designed to have a lengthy lifespan, with strong properties to ensure they last an extended period.

Whether you’re carpeting an educational building, retail and food property, travel and transport property or hospitality business, our wide range of carpet tiles at Carpet Tile Warehouse have the perfect carpet tile for you.

Browse our full range of Rawson carpet tiles, Burmatex carpet tiles and Interface carpet tiles carpet tiles today for premium quality carpet tiles that are designed to last.

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